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Cooking with BRUNO

Cooking with BRUNO

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IMPORTANT - Please note that the translation of this recipe book is only in Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) and not Simplified Chinese. 

This best-selling BRUNO cookbook features recipes from six different popular food bloggers, writers, and personalities including "Allie", "Mrs Horse's Kitchen", and Zoe Tsang. It is a collaborative effort between the six of them to produce recipes in 6 different styles to cater to various home cooks - there's something for everyone, from kids to adults in this step by step, easy to follow cookbook! 

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Written language

Traditional Chinese (Cantonese)

Author(s) Allie / Mrs Horse / Zoe Tsang / 东主有喜 / 伪主妇Ki琪 / 维维妈
Publisher 研出版
Number of recipes