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Round Grill Pan Set

Round Grill Pan Set

Aladdin Sengoku
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Spare parts for Aladdin Sengoku Graphite Grill or for any toaster/oven you have! 

 No box included for replacement parts. 

Product Specifications
Size Diameter: 20cm~ 
Temperature Range 100-280 degree celsius (When both round grill pans are used together, the internal temperature can even reach 330-degree celsius.)
Care & Precautions NOT Dishwasher safe. Only use with wooden and silicone cookware. Only clean when cooled and with a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. Do not use abrasive materials on pans.
Inclusive of  1 set of round grill plates (1 flat, 1 grill), 1 round grill net
Manufactured in China