Dazzling Crepes

Bedazzle and impress your guests this Christmas when you bring out these homemade "crepes" made with simple easy ingredients, done on the BRUNO hotplate.

All you need are... that's right, dumpling skins!

Read on to find out how to make these intricate and beautiful sweet treats!

Ingredients (Makes 6)

6 sheets of dumpling skin

10g Melted butter (salad oil is acceptable)10g

<Whipped cream>

★ 100g Fresh cream

★ 1 tablespoon sugar

0.5g Matcha powder


Your favourite fruits! (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, mint leaves, etc.)

1. Brush melted butter onto the dumpling skin

2. <Whipped cream> Mix ★ together and divide into 2 parts, mix matcha powder into one to make matcha whipped cream.

3. Cut <Toppings>

4. Place the flat plate and heat the compact hotplate on [HI]

5. Arrange the dumpling skins on the plate ensuring they do not overlap. Bake till both sides turn crispy.

6. Turn off heat and let it cool.

7. Decorate with whipped cream and top with fruits of your choice

This recipe is easy to recreate with dazzling results, even kids can participate in the making and create their own!

Try this out as a Christmas activity and let us know how it goes #brunosgmoments

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday!✨