🎄Merry Chickmas🐣

It's the season of gatherings and parties!

What's better than making your guest work for their food😂

We meant, cooking and bonding over these adorable omurice balls!

Here's how to make these party-perfect bite-sized treats!

This recipe is based on the BRUNO compact hotplate with the takoyaki plate attachment.

Ingredients (Makes approx 15 pieces)


1 Sausage (chopped)

1 tablespoon (15g) Chopped onion

100g cooked rice

1 tablespoon Ketchup

5g Butter

An appropriate amount of salt and pepper

<Omelette coating>

4 eggs

50ml milk

An appropriate amount of salad oil


Broccoli, paprika, cherry tomatoes, sliced ​​cheese, stick biscuits, black sesame, nori, ketchup

1. <Fillings> Place chopped sausage, onions and butter into a microwavable bowl and microwave for 600w / 30 seconds.

2. Add cooked rice and ketchup then mix, adding salt and pepper to taste.

3. Take approximate 2 teaspoon (10g) of the rice mixture and wrap in cling wrap to roll into balls and set aside.

4. <Omelette coating> Mix eggs and milk

5. <Toppings> Cut broccoli into small branches and boil them. Cut paprika into star shapes if desired.

6. Place takoyaki plate into the BRUNO hotplate and turn heat to [MED] and apply salad oil all over.

7. Fill takoyaki holes with <Omelette coating> till 80% full and turn heat to [LOW].

8. When the <Omelette coating> starts to cook and pull away from the pan, add in the rice balls. Bring in any overflowing egg liquid in with a wooden/bamboo skewer.

An appropriate amount of salad oil it 90 degrees and pour more <Omelette coating> and turn everything over, finishing it round as if making takoyaki.

9. Bake other vegetable toppings in remaining holes

10. Draw faces of santa/reindeer using toppings and ketchup

Serve with a side of curry if you'd like!

Remember to tag us @brunohotplatesg or hashtag #brunosgmoments if you try this recipe out and happy holidays!😊