Rice.. with an oven toaster?!

Sometimes, the last thing we want to do after a long day is to cook and end up with a lot of utensils to be washed.

Today we will show you how to make cheesy popcorn chicken baked rice with JUST the Aladdin Graphite Grill and Oven Toaster!

Yes, we start from making the toppings to COOKING THE RICE, we will only be using the Aladdin throughout!

First up, we will toast some popcorn chicken using the included round grill plate and wire rack. The wire rack elevates the popcorn chicken from the bottom of the pan, allowing air ventilation while the popcorn chicken cook. Thus it will crisp up beautifully!

We set our Aladdin at 180-200 degree celcius for about 8-10mins, till golden brown.

The Aladdin requires NO preheating so you save time and cook faster!

Place the popcorn chicken aside for later.

Now for the important part, the rice!

You'll need:

260g Japanese Rice / Pearl rice

360ml Hot water

  1. Wash your rice

  2. Place it in the round pan with smooth base

  3. Pour in the hot water and cover with the other round pan

  4. Cook it in your Aladdin at 280 degree celsius for 15 minutes

  5. Take it out and mix gently before serving, be careful it's super hot!

And that's how you make rice with the Aladdin oven toaster!

You can continue this recipe however you like, add anything you like.

You can even just throw in some furikake (Japanese rice seasonings) and call it a day!)

But let's continue on our cheesy popcorn chicken baked rice shall we?

After the rice is done, we poured béchamel sauce (any white cream sauce will do too) on the top, along with some white shimeiji mushrooms and the previously toasted popcorn chicken.

We also added some salt and black pepper to taste.

Then probably our favourite part.... CHEESE!!!

We used a mixture of mozzarella, cheddar and brie~


In the oven it goes!

As everything was cooked at this point, we only needed to melt the cheese. We eyeballed how the cheese was melting and adjusted accordingly. We melted the cheese at about 180-220 degrees for a good 5-10mins.

Look at how the melting cheese bubbled~ soooo appetising!

And there you have it, cheesy baked rice, made using ONLY the Aladdin!

We like to serve and eat straight from the pan too because this means the only thing you have wash... is the round pan!

What would you add to your baked rice?

For more recipe ideas to make with the Aladdin, check out our Aladdin recipe book!

There are various ideas from making a whole spring chicken to a nice home made pizza, the possibilities are endless!

***Recipe book is only available in Traditional Chinese.***