Updated: Oct 27, 2019

A Japanese street snack which is a wheat flour ball filled with a myriad of ingredients. The best part is we get to choose what we want to put in it!


Takoyaki premix (available at all supermarkets) - mix according to package instructions

Or make your own!

1 cup plain flour

200ml Dashi stock chicken(or veggie) stock soup OR 1 cube of ikan billis soup stock dissolved in 200ml water

2 eggs

Pinch of salt and pepper



Tako (boiled octopus)

Beni shoga (pickled red ginger)

Tenkasu (tempura scraps)

Spring onions

But you can put ANYTHING YOU LIKE!

(we recommend cooked ingredients)



Corn / chopped cabbage/ carrots





Takoyaki sauce


Bonito flakes

Spring onion

Variety of Takoyaki / Okonomiyaki sauces you can find in Japanese supermarket

We will be using the premix as pictured above!

For that, it will be

Half bag of premix to 800ml water and 1 egg.

  1. Mix everything together and set batter aside

  2. Put in TAKOYAKI attachment and set your BRUNO hotplate to HIGH heat

  3. Fill the holes with oil (we recommend 1/3-1/2 for crispy takoyaki!)

  4. Let the oil heat up before pouring in your batter, overfilling is ok!

  5. Add in your stuffings as desired!

  6. When the outer layer starts to cook and form, you can turn your takoyaki over, spilling the uncooked batter over.

  7. Try to stuff all the excess into the hole, forming the perfect ball!

  8. Cook till everything is golden brown and you can serve with garnish! (tip: the middle takoyakis will cook slightly faster, remove and serve those first, then move the remaining take balls inwards)

Here's a time-lapse of us making takoyaki~

What will you put in your takoyaki?


For more snack ideas to make on your BRUNO hotplate, check out our recipe book, Snacks Made Easy with BRUNO.

From making tofu meatballs to bread pudding, you're bound to find a snack you'd love to make!

***Recipe books are only available in Traditional Chinese***