Introducing the world's first super-fast infrared graphite toaster grill and oven! The Aladdin Sengoku Toaster heats up from zero to 200 degrees Celsius in an amazing 0.2 seconds thanks to its patented "Far Infrared Graphite" technology, which conducts heat 10 times faster than any existing toaster or oven grill. This technology produces food that is crispy and crunchy on the outside, and tender, fluffy and moist on the inside, for perfect results every time! Everything comes in one sleek, matte, vintage-style toaster which feeds a family of four easily! 

Aladdin Graphite Toaster Grill Oven

    • Size Outer dimensions: H235 mm × W 350 mm × D 295 mm
    • Inside: H 87 mm × W 310 mm × D 235 mm
    • Weight of the main body Approximately 3.1 kg 
    • Code length 1.2 m 
    • Temperature control function 100 ° C. to 280 ° C. 
    • Accessory: Tray and Grill Pans