You asked, and we deliver - our best selling Grande Hotplate is available for an extremely limited time in a gorgeous shade of gender-neutral blue-gray that adds the most amazing contemporary touch to any dining table.


Feeding approximately 5-8 people, it is perfect for a party!


The grande is 1.3x bigger than our compact hotplate and all sets come with a takoyaki plate and flat plate.


You can have the best of both worlds on our BRUNO Grande, which has a dual pot nabe attachment! (to be purchased separately.) Don't just stick to steamboats - serve up two kinds of pasta at one go, or do a soup on one side and a stir fry on the other. Every tummy will be satisfied at every meal, and every meal can be cooked right at the table.


Other attachments like the deep pot with a steamer rack and grill plate are available as well!   

BRUNO Grande Hotplate in Blue Gray

  • Your BRUNO Grande Hotplate is covered by a 1 year warranty. Please register this warranty at The warranty covers hotplate set manufacturing defects and does not extend to scratches caused by cleaning and/or cooking with sharp objects or non wooden and silicon kitchen tools. The warranty extends only to hotplates purchased directly from BRUNO Singapore.


    Care Instructions:

    1) The BRUNO Grande Hotplate can only be used on its own. It should not be placed on a stove, in an oven, etc. This extends to all its attachments.

    2) Please use only dish soap and a soft sponge to clean the attachment pans and only the outer body of the machine

    3) Please use only silicon or wooden kitchen spatulas or fryers to protect the coating.

    4) Do NOT use the hotplate when there is no attachment on the machine

    5) Do NOT use multiple attachments on the hotplate