Introducing our new BRUNO Toaster Grill to join the BRUNO family!


With its beautiful, unique open-top design than allows for a delicious table top barbecue, maximum heat of up to 190 degrees Celcius, and easy to use funactionality combined with the BRUNO vintage aesthetic, this toaster is a must-have in any modern home. 

BRUNO Toaster Grill (Red/ Lavender)

  • Size W 405 mm × H 221 mm × D 238 mm 

    * Width includes handle part 
    ※ Weight includes baking tray 

    Open height: about 315 mm Length: about 350 mm 
    Inside width Width: 295 mm Height: 75 mm Length: 160 mm 
    Cord length: 1.8 m
    Package size W 430 mm × H 305 mm × D 290 mm
    Weight 3900 g
    Material · ingredients Body: Steel / Galibalium steel plate / Glass · Phenolic resin 
    baking tray: Steel (aluminum coating)
    Accessories Baking Tray
    Function 30-minute timer Timer, upper and lower heater ON / OFF switching, grill net removable, thermostat, temperature fuse 192 ° C
    Colours Red and Lavender