Popular food blogger and recipe developer Allie Wong has collaborated with BRUNO to create 42 healthy, nutritious recipes centred on the BRUNO Food Maker. Who said healthy food had to be boring and tasteless? Check out Allie's wonderfully creative recipes that are both nutritious and delicious!


IMPORTANT - Please note that the translation of this recipe book is only in Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) and not Simplified Chinese.


出版社:愉快煮意 happycooking

• 機身小巧,人氣追捧的健康發酵食品,輕鬆造!
一台機就能造出十多種健康發酵食品 - 各式天然乳酪(希臘乳酪/豆乳乳酪)、黑蒜(人氣小點)、茅屋芝士(布緯療法食材)、發酵牛油、納豆(日本人長壽食品)、酸菜、鹽麴(萬能調味料)、甜酒穰…

• 將天然益生菌、各種維他命及微量元素,通通吃進身體!
為食材營養再提升,以吃保養身體 - 保持腸通暢通、防癌抗氧化、提升免疫力、美白與補充膠原蛋白…

• 百變機能!搖身一變,變身慢煮神器!
一機多用,精準的溫度調控,配合長時間自動衡溫機能,輕鬆煮出溫泉蛋、溫煮鮑魚、各類肉類等等… 堪稱最小巧易用的慢煮神器!

• Allie X Bruno 再度攜手!42 道健康又美味的人氣料理收錄!
人氣食譜作者 Allie Wong,創意打造多款創意食譜,愛家庭,愛健康,每道料理也是營養與愛的化身。誰說健康食品就單調?配搭創意,就能延伸變化出讓人眼前一亮的美味菜式。

Healthy living with BRUNO Yogurt Maker

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