Extra bottles for your Vitantonio My Bottle Blender so your whole family can have a drink on the go! (only available in coconut cream) 



An apple (and a bunch of kale) a day - definitely helps keep the doctor away! We're excited to bring you a new range of convenient home appliances that not only work great but also sit pretty on your counter top - no heavy, bulky and ugly metallic contraptions that take up too much space anyway.

Introducing the Japan-designed Vitantonio My Bottle Blender! We use this every morning for 1-2 servings of a fruit and veg smoothie that we simply cap and bring along to work. There's nothing to wash but the blades and the bottle when you're done drinking it - and the best part is, you control how smooth or chunky you want your breakfast smoothie to be - it's powered by your hand pressure, so you get the perfect customized consistency.


Vitantonio Extra Bottle (VBL50)

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    Product Care:

    1) Do not fill the bottle with liquid above the maximum line

    2) Use at least 200 ml of liquid if blending with frozen fruits or ice

    3) Please ensure rubber ring is intact and blender is securely sealed before blending

    4) Do not leave liquid in bottle for more than an hour as juice will ferment and cause the bottle to distend or explode

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