Enjoy your favourite teas on-the-go with the Vitantonio Twistea!


Now in PLUS SIZE! 


Featuring a new max capacity of 400ml you get to enjoy more tea in the same convenient bottle. 


Integrating teapot, tea compartment and teacup into one, with one simple twist, water can be shut off from the tea leaves compartment; Ensuring that every brew is the perfect blend for you! 


What's great about the Twistea in a nutshell:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: comes in a range of seasonal colors
  • Very high quality: the superior double-walled *glass* insulation makes sure you don't burn yourself and you can see the contents of your drink unlike conventional opaque thermos. This also allows you to control how strong you want your tea/infusions. Inner tea filter is also made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Versatile: Can be used for hot and for cold, for tea or for fruit-based infusions.
  • Perfect tea, every time - because you can shut the water off from the infuser with *just a simple twist* (hence the name Twistea) you can control exactly how you would like your drink to taste
  • Easy to bring to work, on holiday, to school, etc because it's so compact and spill-free - no troublesome coffee or teacups, and you just need to top up hot water to maximise your tea leaves.





Vitantonio Twistea PLUS

  • Item Vitantonio Twistea Plus 
    Colour Sweet Pink / Powder Blue
    External dimensions About 67 (W) X 67 (D) X 215 (H) mm
    mass Approximately 345 g
    Bottle capacity 400 ml (upper body 290 ml / lower body 110 ml)
    Heat and cold tolerance temperature Main body Heatproof temperature 100 ° C Cooling tolerance -20 ° C 
    Lid Heat resistant temperature 130 ° C Cooling tolerance -20 ° C 
    Packing heat resistant temperature 200 ° C Cooling tolerance -20 ° C
    Main material Body / Tritan (saturated polyester resin) 
    lid / polypropylene 
    filter / stainless steel
    Country of origin China