Tea time has never been so adorable! Let Moomin accompany and soothe you with a good cup of tea. 

With a large and easy-to-hold handle, the transparent glass pot allows you to observe and 
enjoy the process of pouring hot water on to the tea leaves, seeing how the leaves bloom and water changing colour as the tea steeps. 

This nifty Moomin Glass V Pot is a multi-sensory tool that involves your taste, smell and sight for tea time! 

The unique V shaped filter allows for smooth draining as it has a fine mesh to keep any tea leaves out.

The wide spout makes it easy to wash and maintain!

Here's to a little more luxurious me time, tea time~ #selfcare

-Can be used in microwave oven (without tea strainer) 
-Cannot be used in dishwasher


Tech Specs:
Glass Pot Diameter 145 x 105 x 120mm

Tea strainer diameter 78(66) x 60mm

Weight / capacity(pot) 230g/460ml / (tea strainer) 15 g
[Material] Body: Heat-resistant glass
Tea strainer: Frame: PP mesh: PL
[Heat-resistant temperature] 120 ℃
[Country of origin] Body: Japan

Tea strainer: China

Yamaka Moomin Glass V Pot